Fall Harvest Share

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Fall Harvest Share


We'd like to invite you to participate in our first ever, fall-harvest share. It's all fresh storage food, for processing and freezing. It's delivered in two batches, the first is ready now, and the second batch (see below) is ready for farm pickup two weeks later. It's about $150 of food for putting up into your stores for $100.

  1. 30 pounds of Winter Squash (heirloom varieties)
  2. 20 pounds of Potatoes  (storage varities)
  3. 20 pounds of tomatoes
  4. 5 pounds of Onions
  5. And, in two weeks, you receive the equivalent of 15 bunches (total) of beets, carrots, and kale.

It's two pickups, the first the week of October 4th. The second pickup is two weeks later, the week of October 18th. This allows us to give you the most amount of food possible - the above is guaranteed minimums. Pickups are also available in Missoula, for both weeks. If you'd prefer just to register for a share without paying by credit card, just let us know by phone (493-7211) or email.

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