Storytelling for Action in the Coffee Lands of Indonesia - Note


Course Description


We will immerse ourselves for two weeks with an indigenous community living in the forest and farmlands in the Sunda region of West Java, Indonesia.  These farmers are part of the Klasik Beans Cooperative.  Our days will include working alongside rural farmers in Panuwan village as we learn from local village experts, storytellers, and others navigating the delicate balance of conserving both coffee lands and forest lands. In addition to joining in the harvest, we will delve deeply into the process of effective and inspiring storytelling as we examine the issues confronting farmers of this high-value global commodity. The course culminates in a storytelling workshop and community storytelling event in Missoula, Montana. Students who are not able to travel to Missoula for the storytelling retreat can still participate, through distance-learning arrangements.  






All interested learners, including undergraduate and graduate students, and non-student community members interested in a rich learning experience.  While it is possible to earn academic credits for this experience through the University of Montana, you do not have to be a university student to participate.  We are looking for people who especially want to return to the US and help create and inspire change in their communities.

Course Fee


$2,455 includes:   pre-and post-trip resources, in-country programming, language interpretation, honoraria for local resource experts, plus all meals and lodging, ground transportation, fees for activities in the program, and visas.

Students may earn 3 semester credits to apply towards their college degree or continuing education and professional development.  Credits are awarded for Environmental Studies 391, through the University of Montana.  The only additional cost for credits is a $135 credit reporting/ transcript fee to UM.